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Why are we doing this?

Steps 1-4

Steps 5-8

Defining through behaviors


Explaining the process

Coming up with behaviors

Editing fundamentals

Creating way cards

Act with integrity

Always ask why

Always remember that we’re a family

Assume positive intent

Be a fanatic about response time

Be a mentor

Be positive

Be proactive

Be process-oriented

Bring it every day

Celebrate success

Check the ego at the door


Communicate to be understood

Continuously seek improvement

Contribute to financial success

Contribute to the community

Create win-win solutions

Deliver legendary customer service

Deliver results

Do it right the first time

Do what’s best for the customer

Embrace Change

Fix problems at the source

Focus on solutions

Follow-up everything

Get clear on expectations

Get the facts

Go the extra mile

Honor commitments

Invest in relationships

Keep things fun

Know the goal

Lead by example

Listen generously

Make quality personal

Make the customer your primary agenda

Make your voicemail a valuable tool

Pay attention to the details

Practice blameless problem-solving

Practice the Human Touch

Reduce or eliminate waste

Respect confidentiality

Share information

Speak straight

Take intelligent risks

Take ownership

Take pride in our appearance

Think and act like an owner

Think safe. Work safe.

Think team first

Treasure, protect, and promote our reputation

Use best practices

Walk in your customer’s shoes

Work on yourself

Work smart



Coaching guides

Flip books

Rollout preparation: Part 1

Rollout preparation: Part 2

Rollout preparation: Part 3

Rollout introduction

Rollout exercises

Rollout conclusion

HPC Elevator Speech

Primary Competitive Advantage

Culture as a Financial Issue

No Plan for Culture?

Using Lencioni’s The Advantage

Where Does Culture Come From?

Culture As Behavior

World Class Closing

2/6/18 Training Call

12/4/17 Training Call

11/13/17 Training Call

10/2/17 Training Call

8/7/17 Training Call

6/5/17 Training Call

5/8/17 Training Call

3/13/17 Training Call

2/6/17 Training Call

12/12/16 Training Call

11/7/16 Training Call

9/12/16 Training Call

8/15/16 Training Call

7/25/16 Training Call

6/13/16 Training Call

5/16/16 Training Call

4/11/16 Training Call

3/14/16 Training Call

2/19/16 Training Call

1/18/16 Training Call

9/14/15 Training Call

7/6/15 Training Call

Vistage Talk (Part 1)

Vistage Talk (Part 2)

Vistage Talk (Part 3)

The power of cyclical rituals routine

Telling the Ritz Carlton story routine

Safety rituals routine

Ritz Carlton bartender story routine

Making rituals interactive routine

Leveraging existing rituals routine

How many Fundamentals should we have routine

Hiring based on Fundamentals routine

Why we don’t start with values routine

What do we do with our existing core values routine

Vision Mission Values routine

Values vs behaviors routine

Using Fundamentals in performance reviews routine

eMinder Intro Letter 1

eMinder Intro Letter 2

Survey Intro Letter 1

Survey Intro Letter 2

Way Card Intro Letter

RSI Original emails

Guidelines: Fundamental of the Week, meetings

Guidelines: Fundamental of the Week, emails

Guidelines: Developing scenarios

Sample Cover Panel text for Way Cards

6-Panel Way Card Template

5-Panel Way Card Template

HPC Letterhead template l

HPC Letterhead template ll

HPC Letterhead template lll

8-Step Framework Notes

HPC Capabilities Brochure (HiRes)

HPC Capabilities Brochure (LowRes)

8-Step Framework sell sheet

HPC Meeting Pre-work flyer

HPC Seminar Pre-work flyer

HPC Master Presentations (Keynote and Power Point)
Being intentional about culture

Culture by chance, or by design

Culture is a strategic issue

The competitive edge

You already have a good culture

eMinder Employee Import form
Fundamentals System Products Guide

HPC Products Guide

HPC Branding Style Guide

Sample Proposal

Consultant’s Roadmap

Fundamentals Workbook

Most Common Fundamentals

Instructions for translating a Way card to Spanish

Agenda for the class

Agenda for the class (Annotated)

eCoach Q&A’s


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HPC Training Call 8-3-15

HPC Training Call 10-5-15

HJ Foundation “Speak Straight” Video

Act with integrity.

Assume positive intent.

Be a fanatic about response time.

“Bring it” every day.

Celebrate success.

Check the ego at the door.

Deliver legendary service.

Embrace change.

Deliver results.

Get clear on expectations.

Honor commitments.

Keep things fun.

Listen generously.

Make quality personal.

Practice blameless problem solving.

Share information.

Speak straight.

Take ownership.

Think safe. Work safe.

Treasure, protect and promote our reputation.